Unlike my saxophone skills I haven't had piano training. I like to call myself a "handy" pianist in that respect I'm very flexible with chords, improvisation and the necessarily techniques to compose. I'm frequently asked to accompany (pop-musical) singers, theatre shows, theatre show rehearsals (as musical director) and saxophone students. I play the piano in my bands and often record piano parts in studio by myself. 




I'm a professionally trained classical saxophone player. In 2002 I won the important national Belgian soloist competition "Axion Classics" and I played the saxophone in different orchestras, small formations and my own bands (folk rock band ANVELD & AYUNDA). I especially love playing the soprano & alto saxophone. 




I'm a non-professionally trained singer, nevertheless I have been singing in different choirs and bands since childhood. I was the lead singer of my pop rock band AREEN and will sing again in my new band.